Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Only 6 days in and I've realized I'm not gonna make it.

That's right.

Today is July 7th. I have $49.48 left to spend this month. I'm not gonna make it. I need to pick up about 6 items at the grocery store before next week, too. I have my meals all planned for the next couple weeks, and maybe if I was willing to be a little more "creative," I really could do it ... Like having cucumbers, couscous and a can of baked beans count as a dinner.

But, even participating in the challenge has forced me to clean out the cabinets and freezer, which is something I REALLY needed to do. I noticed the "use by" date on the half a bag of dried soybeans I have was January 2008. I didn't throw those out, though. Surely, dried beans won't go bad, right? I did throw out some food that need to be, though. The fruit snacks? I wouldn't think those would go bad either; and they tasted fine. They were just a little too chewy. Three jars of canned goods gone. Green and moldy on top. The only sad thing is that I wasted them. I hate wasting food, especially when someone I know put in the work to grow the food in their garden, on top of that, go to the trouble to can it, and be generous enough to share.

We booked a night in Columbus next week to celebrate our anniversary and Jeremy's birthday. We'll probably blow the rest of the food budget on dinner that night, but it is a special occasion. And then the week after, I have to go to Philly for a conference, and while I've planned meals for Jeremy while I'm gone that consist of frozen pizza and a pan of lasagna in the freezer, I'm sure he'll venture out to Main Kwong or Burger King for lunch at least a couple days while I'm gone.

No biggie, though. I've been on board 6 days and I've already benefitted. I haven't been to the grocery store yet, so I've saved at least an hour and a half of my time and about $80 bucks already. I cleaned out cabinets and the freezer, which needed done, and in planning the meals around what we have stored, it definitely makes me appreciate it a little more.

Here's where we stand:

Breakfast: Me - Kashi and cottage cheese; Jeremy didn't eat breakfast
Lunch: Me - leftover chili and cornbread; Jeremy wanted to eat out, so I'll have to update the total tomorrow
Dinner: Beef kabobs with mushrooms and onions and salad
Snacks: Me - yougart, egg, granola bar, string cheese

Also, I ordered some more food from the Monroe County Farmers Market today: 1 (2 lb.) pkg. free-range chicken thighs $6.50; 8 oz. organic Swiss Chard $4.00; 1 doz. free-range eggs $3.00; and 6 oz. organic baby lettuce $3.50. The stuff I got last week was awesome. And even with the $5 weekly delivery fee, I think it is still cheaper than Krogers.

23 days to go and $49.48 left to spend. YIKES!

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doughmesstic said...

Jennelle, I think you have grasped what the challenge is about - cleaning up the things we have and realizing that we can make a subtle change and save a lot of time and money. So you go over. It's not by as much as it would have been had you NOT given the challenge a go. Maybe next month, or the next. Great job for trying, and thanks for playing!