Thursday, June 24, 2010

The couch saga ... one month later.

Yay! We found a couch! Actually, Jeremy found a couch at Ashley Furniture at Southridge. It was on the showroom floor. He sat on it and said it was pretty comfy. He texted me a picture of it, and it looks perfect. Contemporary. White. Leather.

So, on Memorial Day, we go to Ashley Furniture to check it out. We figured they'd be having some bangin' sales that day. But the floor model was gone!!! Sold!

Anyway, they were having a sale. Not a "bangin'" sale, per se, but we got 12% off for arriving at the store between 1 and 2 pm. I'll take it. We went ahead and ordered the couch--sight unseen to me. I trust Jeremy. And I'm desperate.

It was supposed to be in this week, but like our luck with couches has gone so far... it'll be in June 29th. We'll see.

And, in other news, I found a light fixture for the dining room. Yes, I know, I replaced the light fixture in there less than 2 years ago. When I thought I was getting a wooden dining room suite. It's been bugging me since I got the white and chrome one. The light fixture in there is just too dark, and it doesn't match.

Actually, since this picture was taken, the brown curtains (also bought in anticipation of the wooden furniture) are gone, replaced with a white sheer with a dot design. And the carpet is gone, too. More on that very soon. The hardwood floors are 99% down.

I've been looking for a long time for something else for the dining room. Something affordable. Something bold. Something that MATCHES. Here's something I saw in the West Elm store when I was in Columbus over my birthday. 99 bucks. But wait. Last week, it was an additional 10% off on the website. Sold.

Well, I got it yesterday. But the conversion kit (sold seperately) is back ordered until the last week in July. Which means I won't get to put it up before Jeremy's birthday cookout next month. Booo! No worries for now, though. All of my living room furniture is still in the dining room while the floors are under construction. I'm told they'll be done by said cookout. If they aren't I might just finish them myself. Y'all know how a looming family function at my house gets me on a home improvement marathon.