Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm finally done stripping wallpaper!!! (until I move onto the next room)

Over the weekend, I (sorta) finished the entry way. A couple weeks ago, I took advantage of having no heat at work, took the afternoon off and finished scrapping the last few bits of wallpaper 15 feet up the wall. Then the painting began, which wasn't too bad of a job, except for climbing up the ladder with a paint roller and perfoming balancing acts that would rival an acrobat. This weekend, I touched up a few thin spots in the paint and put the wall art and coat rack back up. I know beige is boring, but it is so much better than peach, and since I want to get new furniture eventually, beige is good and neutral. Jeremy is also glad to have his coat rack back, too. All I have left to do is touch up the white base board that goes down the sides of the steps, but that shouldn't take me 7 months...

Last week, I got the mirrored night stands I ordered from Target dot com, and they are quite fabulous. Although, J.R.'s description was that they look like something out of the movie Blow. I just picture someone like Jean Harlow lounging on my satin bedspread with a gimlet sitting on the nightstand or something. Very Hollywood Regency. BTW, I have to keep the spray bottle beside my bed for when the cats start meowing at 5 am. If you have cats, you understand.

Now, onto the backyard--my next project.