Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our DIY-free summer.

Okay. So, there's not been much to keep up with the Joneses about the last couple months.

The home improving has come to a standstill since June-ish when the hubs "finished" putting down the hardwood floors. I use "finish" loosely here, as all the flooring is in fact down, but there are no baseboards, transitions, or railing, and the holes need to be cut out for the air registers.

I wanted to post an "after" picture, but we haven't quite made it there yet, and I'm too vain to put up pictures of the half-done project and brag about how great the floor looks...

The good news is that after a summer of travelling a lot and being really busy, things are finally settling down (for me at least--Jeremy is just starting to get to the busy time with his job). AND, last month I paid off the hardwood floors on our Home Depot Card. AND I just got a 12 months same-as-cash, plus 10% off your next purchase promo card from them in the mail. Time to go load up that credit card again with some baseboards, stair treads and kicks, and railing so we can get this project put to bed.

I've got a couple other things in the hopper to keep me busy around the house this fall.

We DESPERATELY need to fix our only fully-functioning shower. It's an easy fix. All we need to do is replace the rubber washer behind the shower knob. Right now, when you take a shower, water runs out the faucet at full force while the shower is running. We are wasting A LOT of water, not to mention it's so annoying to be standing in ankle-deep water when you get done taking a shower. The only problem is, I've tried twice to get the stupid shower knob off to replace the washer. Yes, I unscrewed the screw holding it on. Everyone asks if I did that. Duh.

I'm also not feeling this bathroom now that I've painted the family room orange.

The light blue and the decor are a little off-putting to me know with the swanky orange "lounge." I really want to paint it (again) and find some new wall art. Since it's a small space, I think I should avoid any dark colors on the wall, and I want something that will flow with orange. I'm thinking gray. As far as the decor, I'm not even sure what I want, except maybe a tiny orange accent. Like one small knick knack on the back of the potty or even some wall art with just a hit of orange in it. I like black and white photos, and I stumbled on an awesome website with THOUSANDS of Depression era black and white photos. Apparently, the federal government sent photographers (some quite notable) out to document the depression across the country. There are a number from West Virginia and even Charleston. You can order them right from the website for a nominal fee, although I haven't had any luck getting in touch with the proper person. They are fascinating just to peruse, though.
The website is maintained by the Library of Congress. Here's the link: You might even recognize some of the photographs, as they became iconic images of the struggles of America during the Great Depression.

I'm not sure how they would look in a 'loo, but at least it would be something interresting for guys to look at while they're peeing...

Stay tuned for updates. Hopefully we get the DIY project wagon cranked up again soon.

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