Thursday, May 13, 2010

Left hangin'

Left hangin' without a couch, that is.

Right around the end of March, I did a random google search for "white leather sectional." I do this sometimes. Especially at work. When I'm bored.

Low and behold, one of the first couple hits I got was for one on CLEARANCE at JCPenney dot com.

It was perfect, except it was a little closer to beige than off white. The exact color was "bone." I was willing to live with this as it was on CLEARANCE. I'm talkin' crazy CLEARANCE. Like $2799 marked down to $1199. I. Could. Not. Pass. This. Up.

But, I didn't have $1200. Think, Jennelle, think. I need to buy this couch. NOW. You know, my mom has $1200 and she does moonlight as a loan shark. Just kidding about that last part. Sort of.

So, my mom bought me the couch and I made up an amortization schedule for the payments. Like I said, she's a loan shark. The couch was supposed to be delivered on May 3rd.

In the meantime, I listed both of the couches and two chairs that were in the family room on craigslist. I sold one couch and two chairs and am in email negotiations for the second couch.

On May 3rd, I called JC Penney's to ask if it was still on schedule, since I hadn't received a call to set up a delivery time yet. They told me it was supposed to leave the factory that day at noon, and the trucking company (a third party) would call me sometime in the next few days to set up a delivery time. I didn't hear anything, so on Friday, May 7th, I called JC Penney back to double check. Yes, the couch already left the factory, and I should hear from the trucking company by no later than May 21st to arrange delivery.

Then on Monday, this week, I get an email from JC Penney. "Our manufacturer has notified us that the item you ordered is no longer available." What? It's en route! ... supposedly. So, I called JC Penney back to ask them "WTF?" and relayed the whole situation to them. The lady was SOOOO nice, I couldn't be really mean, which really took the wind out of my sails. Apparently, the people I spoke to BOTH times the week before misread the information. It never was shipped. Yeah, right. I don't know what's going on but JC Penney is on my shit list.

Anyway, I need a white leather sectional for under $1,600. STAT. Is there one out there? Who knows. Google hasn't turned up anything yet.

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