Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Facelift almost done.

After the both the legislative session and spring fire season ended, we attacked home improvement like we've never done since we've owned our house. Just as an aside, we COULD have possibly bitten off more than we can chew.

The first day it was warm enough to get outside, I got to sledgehammer the trellis on our stoop. I've been waiting for this moment. I hate that thing. And the English ivy around it.

Look how gross it is.
These pieces of wood have a new life as tomato stakes.
It only took a few hours until the trellis and the ivy were all gone!
And now, after a few weeks, a few coats of paint, and some grass seed, it's almost done.

It's hard to appreciate from this far back, but you get the whole picture.

The shutters and door are now navy blue.

Most importantly, the ivy and trellis are gone.

We have a light fixture to hang up. We'll get to it sometime soon, I guess. I bought some marigolds and some kinda white flower. I thought the orange would be a nice contrast with the blue. Also, today, Jeremy's mom offered me three hostas she wants to dig up, so I'll put those in the bed to the right of the door. That bed doesn't get much rain, though, so I'll have to remember to water them occassionally. Hostas are pretty tolerant, though, so hopefully they survive the summer.

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