Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All signs point to spring.

Timing is a funny thing.

I feel like I've just woken up from a long nap. It's called the Legislature.

After working until 7 almost every day for the past two weeks, sometimes this places feels like a parallel universe. And, now that I've stopped working long enough to take a deep breath, and I notice all the sudden, it's spring.

So, it was either very fitting or cruel irony, that daylight savings was Saturday night. Two hours after we adjourned, actually. (I just put in an 18-hour day, and now I loose an hour of sleep!?!)

But, the nice thing is that the weather is finally breaking, and I get home with a few hours of daylight left in the evenings now. I've been putting off some home projects and yearly maintenace until now.

And, this morning, I paid off my Home Depot credit card. Just in time to go load it up again for 12 months same-as-cash.

Here's what I've got planned for the coming weeks:
  • Get a new closet door for the master bedroom. I've been eyeing a mirrored bi-fold door for $100.
  • Paint the "red room" orange and start saving up for a new couch.
  • Clean up the patio and backyard, and plan landscaping.
  • Replace outside light fixture above the front door. (Unfortunately, there's a pendant light there now, so for ease of replacement, I guess that's what I'll get. I'd like to get one that mounts to the wall of the house beside the door, but that would leave a big hole in the soffit.)
  • SLEDGEHAMMER the trellis on the front stoop. I HATE that thing and I cannot wait to destroy it.
  • Get some new planters for the front stoop and get some colorful annuals for them.
  • Paint my front door and shutters.
  • Till and plant my vegetable garden.
  • Shop for hardwood floors for the living room, dining room and hallway, buy the flooring and hopefully get it installed in a reasonable amount of time. My tax return has been buring my pocket since I got it, but now I have the time to devote to such a huge project. However, something is telling me I shouldn't expect the installation to be completed until after Memorial Day. My home-project timeline is usually vastly different than Jeremy's.
Maybe this list is a bit ambitious. Wish me luck. I'm going to take a couple days off work, maybe next week, to start on my to-do list. My house hopefully won't even be recognizable by the time I'm done.


Erinn said...

I need to come visit. I'll bring HGTV with me and you and I can have our own show.

Gelareh said...

Hi Jennelle,

I just found your blog through the Bake Sale info and realized you are in Charlston WV. My husband is from Logan and I have become a full blown WV and Mountaineer fan. I am now the co-presidet for the WVU Lone Star Chapter (crazy I know).

Hope all is well in WV and you guys are finally getting some warm weather after the snowy winter that you had.

I also have a blog www.nutritiousfoodie.com
hope you check it out.

Erinn said...

Hey, it's the Nutritious Foodie! Is this how you found my blog?

Do you know Nancy DiPaolo? She is also from Logan Co. and I think she is active with the Lone Star Chapter!

精采 said...
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