Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rejuvenation Lighting

It's funny how timing works. Or scary.

Last week, I received a catalog in the mail from Rejuvenation Lighting. I've been looking for a new light fixture for my dining room since I got the dining room suite last spring. I just can't find what I like for under $500.

Anyway, why did this lighting and hardware boutique store in Portland send me a catalog? Was it the cookies on my computer? That's scary, considering the order I just placed at drugstore dot com... I digress.

If you have a period house (unlike me) or if you like a period of architecture (like me) this seems like a pretty good source. Still a little pricey, but I liked how their catalog, and website is organized by period. It makes it really easy if you're not totally sure what you're after.

I wish they had more to choose from in their Mid-Century Modern Collection, but I'm seeing what styles would work in my dining room, and maybe I can look for something similiar at cheaper retailers. This style looks a lot like the light I bought for my entryway from Ikea.

The price ain't bad at $215, but you could pick up the FADO model at Ikea for $39.99, like I did. Let me take a moment to caution about lighting from Ikea. I'm no electrician, but having owned a house for 3 plus years, I've changed okay, supervised the changing of several light fixtures. This light fixture has FOUR wires. The hubs and I were dumbfounded with what to do with the extra wire. Ikea's directions are mostly pictures with very little text, to accommodate the multiple countries Ikea has retail locations in. We took a guess what to do with the extra wire and we were wrong. I'll just leave it at that, saying that we have a different light fixture in the entryway now.

But, if you had a craftsman bungalow like my girlie here, look at all the goodies Rejuvenation Lighting has. When I redo my master bathroom, which I want to do in hollywood regency style, I'll definitely remember this source with it's extensive Deco Collection.

What's better is that the company has a mind toward sustainability. They started using a low-VOC clear coat, and even replaced individually-wrapped salt and pepper packets in the employee lunch room with salt and pepper shakers. Every little bit helps.


Erinn said...

Thanks for the blog love! In case you're wondering, I wouldn't mind two of these for upstairs.

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