Friday, April 24, 2009

The unveiling of the dining room suite!

Okay, here it is. In all it's glass-topped table and white-laquered glory. A glass-top table is a little 80's, I know, but here I am going for Palm Springs circa 1966.

Now, as I mentioned, I was planning on getting a wooden table and sideboard, but they looked kinda cheap. I guess you can't expect much from Ikea, but this one was so shiny and bright beside the brown one. Now, I need to get another light fixture, replace the curtains (that took me like 6 months to find a pair I liked) and take the plates down.

Speaking of curtains, you know, this is the first room we painted after we moved in. I matched the paint to some Amy Butler fabric I found online at this fabulous site reprodepot dot com. It was brown, green and pink, and sorta looked bohemian. Anyway, when I got around to ordering the fabric, it was sold out. So I looked and looked for something similar. I found these chocolate brown curtains with a dot pattern at Target. They do make it pretty dark in the room, so I'm thinking some white sheers. I have some plain ones, but I think if they were patterned, that would be pretty awesome. Target has some with dots just like th brown ones, but they are white sheers.

Chrissy Evans, our fabulous realtor, gave us a bottle of Lambrusco and a $50 Lowe's gift card as a gift at our closing. She loves Lambrusco--which is a whole other story. Anyway, so we go to Lowe's a day or two after we move in to get a big garbage can, paint and some supplies. I pick out this color, but of course, I pick out the expensive stuff--it's a Martha Stewart signature color called Wild Artichoke. But we figure since we have a gift card, what the hell. Well, we get to the check out, and the woman doesn't even charge us for the paint. She totally missed it. Score.

I also found another light fixture, but its $800. I don't care how much I like it, I'm not paying $800 for a light fixture. It's a drum pendant, just like this one, but chrome instead of wood grain. We'll see if I can find something similar for cheaper. The problem was it was a pain in the ass to get this one up. I just feel sorry for Jeremy when I do find the one I want, cause I'm sure it will sit in the box for a week or two before my nagging gets to him, and then it'll be a lot of cussin and swearin as we're hanging it. Although, I might try to do it myself this time. That chick on "Get It Sold" on HGTV makes changing light fixtures look pretty easy. Yes, I'll remember to cut the breaker first.

Here's some before and after of the dining room with furniture. I still need to get a china cabinet. Baby steps, though.


doughmesstic said...

Jennelle! This is so cute! Very retro.
Have you tried looking online for the Amy Butler Fabric? I feel sure you can find it. If you need help, I am an internet junkie...just say the word.

doughmesstic said...

Me again. Try - they have a ton of Amy Butler fabrics - and for less than 10 bucks a yard. Good luck!